Love Never Fails

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          ****It's your wedding!****

  Choose your minister carefully. The

words spoken and  the order and flow of

the ceremony will live forever in your

memories & the memories of your



  Marriage is a partnership.

It is not a dictatorship or a democracy.

There will be profit and loss.

Most importantly there is unity, strength

and a vision for the future.


Marriage will be the:

 Hardest thing you have ever done.

Most rewarding thing you have ever done.


It's a commitment made to each other.

It's a joining of lives never to be separated.

It's the making of one out of two, without

losing the separate identity of each one.

It's ordained by God and bonded in Love.

Your wedding day is the ceremony.

  Your marriage is the life that grows

together from that commitment.

Love never fails. But it needs room to grow.

Love needs to be feed and nurtured.

Love is not a feeling, it is an action.

Love may bring feelings, but true love is

shown in unselfish actions.

You may be able to "feel" love, but the

actions that show the feelings also allow

the feelings to be felt!

True love is given without expectation.

God is love, and love is the greatest thing

anyone can give or recieve.

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